About us

One Step ahead with dreams!

Uğur Hırdavat, founded in 1965, actively cooperates with 16 countries today and is in the leading position with its product portfolio which is approaching 1500 pieces. 

With 52 years of experience, Uğur Hırdavat Üretim ve Pazarlama A.Ş. has acquired customer satisfaction as its business ethic and put its name among the most reliable companies in its sector. 
Parallel to the future vision of our country; established sales and service network in every region of our country in terms of quality standards and continued to gain employment opportunities and added value to our country.
In the building materials sector, mainly intermediate goods have a special importance. The development of this sector is parallel to the development levels of the countries. While turning our international markets into an R&D laboratory with its professional staff in line with the needs of our country, it is a leader in the domestic Hardware market. Many products with international quality assurance certificates that have been discovered abroad have attained a place in the domestic market by branding.
Having realized all domestic and international operations centered in Gebze, Uğur Hırdavat provides satisfaction, quality and confidence in service to its customers through its widespread dealers and representatives in Turkey.